Service and professionalism far exceeds the norm...

"Our son decided to take off and run in a blink of an eye, and was at the gate stopping him from falling downstairs faster than we could react. Without your gates in place we really could have had a tragedy here today."

Andy Gundlach

Baby and Pet Gates

I have previously sold houses with these great gates, and even referred clients to Gatekeepers, but this week I was able to have first hand experience with Tom, the owner and founder. He came to our house, measured, fabricated, and installed the custom gates beautifully, despite some of the walls being severely out of plumb. His service and professionalism far exceeds that which you would normally find in any of the trades. I cannot recommend him, his product, or services highly enough. Gatekeepers is a great contact for our realtor team to have available for clients in need of baby or pet gate. This referral adds real value to our customer-realtor relationship and to a client's home.

Paul Haviland, Realtor

Your product is outstanding!

Special Needs Gate

"Just wanted to show you the final product of that top of stairs gate. It works perfectly and melds beautifully with the stairwell. I can finally breathe easy knowing my daughter will be safe when we are upstairs. Thank you so much for working with me through this process. Your product is outstanding! "

Priya R.

Impressive Workmanship...

Special Needs Gate

"My gate was installed yesterday and looks great! My installer was impressed with your workmanship and how easy the gate was to install; he said the video was perfect! "

Jill T.

A peace of mind...

Special Needs Gate

"Our gates look GREAT! We now have peace of mind that we're well-prepared (at least on gates) when our son gets mobile. And the rep from Mr Handyman did an excellent job making the necessary tweaking the gate to swing properly."

Rick B., Seattle, WA

A gift for all of us!

Special Needs Gate

"I just wanted to say how absolutely pleased and delighted we all are with the gate for my Mom's house! The craftsmanship is superb and the color match is perfect!! Thank you for helping us keep our Mom safe. It is a gift for all of us!"

Ronna A., West Bloomfield, MI

Gatekeepers is AWESOME!

"It is so rare that I run into a service provider that meets or exceeds my expectations, but Gatekeepers went far beyond anything I could have imagined. My 91-year old mother suddenly decided to move back into her condo, and we needed to quickly put safety measures in place. I reached out to Gatekeepers on Memorial Day via email and within 10 minutes Tom called me and later that day we did a real-time video where we measured the stairwell opening and put the order in place (yes on a HOLIDAY!). Gatekeepers let me know the status all the way through the process and the gate was delivered EXACTLY on the delivery date. Gatekeepers hardcopy instructions and video support guided me throughout the entire process. But more than that - the gate was of such high quality and workmanship - it looked like it was created by the same carpenter who created the original stairway and woodwork. I couldn't be happier with the product! I recommend Gatekeepers without hesitation!"

Rick L., Littleton, MA

Incredible design and master craftsmanship...

"I was so excited when I peeled back the packing material from my beautifully made gate. It was everything I hoped for it to be. I have tried baby gates and pet gates from a number of sources and none have come close to the incredible design and master craftsmanship of this beautiful gate. You absolutely thought of everything when you designed it. My cat loves not having to jump the gate (thanks for offering that option!) and it keeps my dog from getting in trouble at night. Most importantly, I no longer struggle trying to open the complicated, difficult latches on the ugly gates.

I am so grateful to you...thanks Tom!"

Judy B.

They are wonderfully constructed.

"I cannot say enough good things about the Gatekeepers gate. We have owned ours since 2008. They are wonderfully constructed. It matches my woodwork perfectly. My son recently had one installed because he knows how well ours has worked. It looks just as good."

Kevin S.

Impressive personalization ... it perfectly matched my stain!

Specialty Gates

"I was quite impressed by the way it was packaged. I usually don't write testimonials but was so please with the overall process and quality of gate that I felt compelled to take time out to do so. First of all let me start by saying that at first the price for the gate seemed pricey and that almost deterred me from making the purchase. I am so glad that I did my homework and decided to purchase from Gatekeepers. The personalization and the time you took to explain the process and go over the exact measurements really created value to the overall experience and end product. Gatekeepers was able to perfectly match my stain, using the same brand and color we had used for the stairs. Again adding to the value and quality. The installation was a breeze and the video you sent was quite helpful! For anyone reading this I can't tell you how good the quality and workmanship really is. There is no comparison to any other gate out on the market that I could find. Thank you Gatekeepers for doing business the way you do. It has become a lost art in this Internet age to find a business that does things the right way."

Eddie S., Houston, TX

His workmanship shows in the quality of his products and the quality of his company...

"We have a son who is 4 1/2 who has special needs. For safety reasons we need to keep him on 2 levels & monitor his use of steps. We live in a tri-level house and have used numerous things for gates (plastic, wood & even homemade barriers). He throws items over, pushes things under, chews the gates, climbs on them and inevitably destroys everything we've tried. We could not stop him from his fascination with ripping these down. We went to a friends house and saw this beautiful wooden gate that they had made and gave us the name of this company called "Gatekeepers". It was by far the best investment for our home and our son we could have ever made. We discussed our concerns with Tom, told him what our son does and he took measurements and made the perfect gate for our home. After almost a year our son still has not been able to figure out how to destroy it. It is extremely strong, beautiful and works great. We have had so many compliments and I can't thank Tom enough for making our son safe, being so professional and such a caring person. His perfection for his workmanship shows in the quality of his products and the quality of his company. He listens and can give you exactly the product and peace of mind you need to make sure your home is safe for your family. We will never go anywhere else. Thank you Tom!"

BLT (Brennan, Lisa, Tom)

Strong design, good quality, safe and reasonably priced...

"We are so very very happy with our new gate. My wonderful husband installed it and it looks beautiful, as if it was original to the house. It has excellent craftsmanship and was engineered very well. It's strong, safe, has style, and is so easy to use. We can see you put lots of thought into its design. We love it. Your invention is our enjoyment!

We couldn't find anything locally that included a strong design, good quality, that was safe, and reasonably priced. We looked at stores and even tried working with two master carpenters, with prices upwards of two grand. An internet search and several phone calls later with you, we had a beautifully made gate that fits perfectly and works fantastic."

Mary Jo
New York, NY

Peace of mind for parents...

"Having a child with Sturge-Weber syndrome has brought many concerns to our lives. Even though the birthmark on the outside does not look harmful, the involvement in the brain has caused many seizures and stroke-like episodes in our child. Having three other children to take care of during a hectic day means that we cannot keep 100% of our attention on our son. Since we have installed a Gatekeepers Swing Gate, it has brought a peace to our lives because we know that while our son is becoming more mobile, he cannot fall down the stairs if he gets too close while we are not watching. The risk of further brain injury is far greater with a fall and there are many risks for him, but falling down the stairs is the most preventable. We tried other gates in the past and were not satisfied. Some did not have a safe and easy latch system and others were not visually pleasing. The people from Gatekeepers came to our house, assessed the areas and potential risks, and then custom-fit, sturdy, safe gate that matched our current woodwork. It not only gives us peace, but the stylish look adds to the value of our home!"

Jonathon and Ellen Jordan
Madison, Wisconsin

Gatekeepers Pet Gates

Contain your pets and eliminate the fear of falling...

"Our lives are busy. With the pets and one toddler and two infants, the Gatekeepers systems that were installed at the top of our stairs were exactly what we were looking for to provide safety and control. It keeps our dogs contained and has eliminated our fear of the children falling."

Christie Lacewell, Manager
Meyer's Animal House, DeForest, Wisconsin

Safe and stylish...

"We feel much better about our grandchildren playing in our home with the safety of the Gatekeeper's system at the top of our stairs. We also like that we can remove the gate when they are not here. The Cherry wood and finish matches the rest of the decor in our house."

Fred Kirchner, PhD and Debra Kirchner, PhD
DeForest, Wisconsin

Case Studies

Business protects customers with a Gatekeepers gate.

Pam Totzke and Kim Kapugi, co-owners of What’s Brewin’ Café and Coffee Bar in Sun Prairie, did everything they could think of to alert patrons about a tricky step in their café. They tried brightly colored tape and a variety of different signs, but weren’t able to completely prevent trips and tumbles from taking place.

Luckily, Gatekeepers owner Tom Mitchell is a regular customer of What’s Brewin’, and knew Totzke and Kapugi were struggling with this safety issue.  He suggested a Gatekeepers gate for the area, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“We are extremely happy with our beautiful new gate,” Totzke said. “Many people have commented about what a good idea it was to have it installed and how really great it looks.”

Totzke continued, “Tom has high standards and made sure the job was done right. He didn’t stop until the problem was solved and everyone was happy.”

What’s Brewin’ Café and Coffee Bar
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Gatekeepers Gates

Sturdy Gatekeepers gate elimates the worry of falls in local daycare.

As a daycare provider, safety is always a concern. Donna Sprecher knows how quickly accidents can happen and she is vigilant about doing everything possible to ensure the safety of those in her care. Over the years, Donna has tried a number of different safety gates for the top of her stairs, but never felt 100 percent confident.

“Even with the gate in place, I was constantly hovering because I knew if the kids pushed hard enough they could probably push through. It was always a worry and really kind of scary,” Sprecher said.

Sprecher came across a Gatekeepers gate in a friend’s home and immediately knew she had to have one in her home, too. “What a difference my new gate makes, there’s no way the kids are getting through that gate – all the worry is gone. Plus, it’s not an eye sore like so many other gates are. It blends right in and matches my woodwork perfectly,” exclaimed Sprecher. “I couldn’t be happier.”

Donna Sprecher, In-home Daycare Provider
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

The King Family, Sun Prarie...

Timing is everything for Gina King. She and her husband had “tried every gate on the market,” but continued to be concerned that their young son would push right through the gate at the top of the stairs. He had recently started to crawl and was extremely curious about his surroundings. His safety was a constant worry because he was into everything and moving quickly.

“With the way our woodwork and stairs are designed, it was really difficult to find anything that would stay secure at the top of our stairs,” King said.

Around the same time, Gina received a mailing about the new Gatekeepers safety gates and promptly called to set up a consultation. “Tom came out, took measurements, made recommendations and was back in a week to install our new gate.”

“It couldn’t have come at a better time,” said King. “A big load has been lifted off my mind.”
She continued, “Stairs can be dangerous for anyone, and knowing our baby is safe from falling down our stairs gives me one less thing to worry about.”

Gina is also pleased with the added benefits of their new gate. “It’s really beautiful. You’d never know it wasn’t installed at the same time the house was built -- it matches that well.”

“It’s also nice to be able to easily take the gate on and off when we move things up and down the stairs,” King said. “Plus, it adds to the value of our house. It’s a definite selling point when we’re ready to sell.”

The Kings were so pleased with their first gate that it wasn’t long before they ordered a second one for the bottom of their staircase. They insist they couldn’t be happier with their Gatekeepers experience.


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