About Gatekeepers


The Mitchell Family, DeForest, WI

As owners and founders of Gatekeepers, we are proud to offer our unique, well-designed baby gates, pet gates and safety gates to help make life easier and safer.

It all started when our then-one-year-old son fell through a baby gate that was installed at the top of our staircase. Fortunately, he was ok, but it prompted my wife, Lori, and me to seriously look for a new way to keep him safe near the stairs.

With the help of an accomplished woodworker, we were able to create a new, stronger baby gate for the top of our staircase. A tremendous amount of time and effort went into getting it right, but the end-result was certainly worth it. We now had a gate that was not only strong and safe, it was absolutely beautiful.

What a relief -- it was the answer we were looking for! And as it turns out, many others needed a gate like ours for a variety of reasons. Not only do households with small children need baby gates or child gates, but what about people who care for aging individuals who may tend to wander or lose their footing easily? Or how about those who have loved ones with special needs, or pets that need to be confined to certain areas of the home?

Lori and I started to enjoy a strong sense of security once our custom made safety gates were installed in our home and we wanted others to feel this same way too. We had a hunch we were on to something and it didn’t take long before… Gatekeepers was born!

Today, Gatekeepers remains a family-owned and operated business that's steadily expanding to meet the needs of families and businesses throughout the United States and Canada.  Our representatives understand and share our steadfast mission: to keep loved ones safe and secure.